Put your Products Anywhere

Turn web pages into product catalogs – Merchpin is easy to add to any website. Merchpin’s powerful tools seamlessly introduce commerce to your content, allowing you to create new buying opportunities in serendipitous places.

Product Targeting via Rules you Define

Easily setup merchandising rules that match a web page’s URL, content keyword, campaign code, or other criteria – then, you decide what products to display when a rule is matched. Rules can be set to show products by category, price range, or individual SKUs – giving you a flexible approach to product targeting for all your campaigns.

Don't know where to start? You can connect Merchpin to your Google Analytics account, and we'll automatically pull all your top-ranking pages and keywords. Now you can create rules based on live data, and confidently merchandize products across your most popular pages and keywords.

Automatic Import + Price Sync

Set it and forget it.  In just 2 clicks, your products are imported to the Merchpin platform.   After that, Merchpin automatically syncs your product inventory, promotional pricing, and other product information, so customers are always seeing the latest inventory.  We support Magento, Shopify, Big Cartel, Etsy, and various feed/file formats.

Works with Google Analytics, or anything else

Merchpin’s tightly integrated Google Analytics features mean you get all your reports in one place, using the tools you already know.  Using Event Tracking, Merchpin provides in-depth tracking for views, clicks, and other user interaction events that occur with your products.  Additionally, matching targeting rules are ranked in order of popularity, providing insight on how your rules are performing “in the wild”.

Merchpin also allows you to append product URLs with custom tracking codes, allowing you to track inbound traffic and conversion.  Merchpin can automatically append your product links with rule data, too; offering a dead-simple way to track sales attribution in your organization.

Create Campaigns, Launch Affiliate Programs

Easily generate campaign codes that work with Google Analytics.  Merchpin product units can be embedded on any website - distribute your Merchpin modules to affiliate sites to create ad-hoc affiliate programs.  Everything is automatically tracked in Google Analytics, so reporting is a snap.

Open a Facebook Store

Merchandize products directly on Facebook – your store is now a tab on your Brand’s Timeline.  Create buying opportunities directly in Facebook for your best audience – friends and fans. (*) Not available on all plans

Dead-simple Blog + CMS Integration

Wordpress, Drupal, Tumblr, or anything else - Merchpin's copy-and-paste code snippets allow you to easily embed your products on any website or blog.

We also have plugins for popular apps like WordPress and Drupal, to make integration even easier - using our plugins, Merchpin can automatically match keywords from your content, and merchandize matching products from your store.

Cross-sell and Upsell, it works with your store

Use Merchpin on your existing store's pages to promote and cross-sell similar products.  Create Gift Guides, "Best of", and other editorialized product collections to better promote popular products. The opportunities are endless.

Reclaim Abandoned Carts

Keep the cart in front of the customer.  Merchpin’s unique “Persistent Cart” feature automatically displays products from active shoppers’ carts, keeping customers one click from checkout. (*) Not available on all plans

Customize the Look + Feel

Add your own CSS to customize colors, fonts, and other details – create pixel-perfect layouts and get a seamless look from product to page. Or, use the default Merchpin templates – an unobtrusive, touch-enabled enhancement to any page they’re on.

Now Merchandising

Sync Products From

  • Magento
  • shopify
  • Etsy
  • bigcartel
  • google
  • amazon
  • shopzilla

Pin Products To

  • WordPress
  • tumblr
  • Drupal
  • facebook

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